The administrative offices associated with a garment manufacturing facility are typically proportional to the size of the manufacturing operation. Administrative staff manages corporate descriptions such as human resources, finance and accounting, billing, health and safety, and environmental compliance. They do order process, preparing invoices, conducting marketing and sales, managing human resources, etc.


Planning: Planning is deciding in advance what to do? How to do it? When to do it? The planning function involves establishing goals & arranging them in a logical order.

Organizing: Organizing involves identifying responsibilities to be performed groping responsibilities into departments or divisions & specifying organizational relationships.

Staffing: Staffing means filling job positions with the rights of people at the right time. It involves determining staffing needs, screening people to fill the positions.

Directing: Directing is loading people in a manner that achieves the goals of the organization. Directing requires exceptional inter-personal skills the ability to motivate people.

Controlling: Controlling is a function that evaluates in all areas & detects potential or actual deviations from the organization plan. Controlling includes information management, measurement of performance institution of corrective actions.

Budgeting: Budgeting, exempted from the list above, incorporates most of the administrative functions, beginning with the implementation of a budget plan through the application of budget controls.