You may already know what a garment factory is in the apparel and fashion industry. A garment factory is a place where complete garments are made from the fabrics following a chain of processes. A process flowchart will give a better idea of how things are done in a garment factory. As mentioned in the title, this article will show you the different departments of a garment factory. Departments are set-up based on the group of activities to be performed by a team of people.

Further, we will see the various functions of the different departments of a garment unit. Garment manufacturing is a complex process that starts with sample development and end after shipping the finished garments to the buyers.


Store displays can make all the difference if you are a fashion retailer - particularly when it comes to catching the eye of your customers. As a retailer, you will know the impact that clothing displays can have on buyer behaviour - when customers are presented with an attractive arrangement of products, they are more likely to make a purchase or return to your store at a later date. There are a number of things that make a shop display great - ranging from the layout of the store itself to small details such as the usage and range of mannequins and clothes hangers

A good place to start is to create an ideal shop floor, where your goods can be showcased to their best possible greatest potential. First, you will need to determine what kind of retail space you want to create. Do you want shelves stacked high with neatly folded clothing, or would you prefer your customers to browse through racks of garments hanging on hangers? Will you be selling one type of garment, or several different clothing options - including accessories or shoes? These are all important questions to consider, as the answers will help you create the perfect showcase for your wares.