The term “Merchandiser” defined as a ‘Person who do buying and selling of goods for the purpose of making a profit.’ In fashion industry there are different types of merchandising profiles which are meant to perform different types of functions all together at different stages of fashion industry. Over the years of the growth of merchandising as a discipline in the fashion industry, there have been many changes in the job profile of the merchandiser. It has charges from a simple to a much more complex job transcending almost all functions in fashion industry. This has led to a change in the skillsrequired for the job and evolution of the discipline of fashion merchandising.


The role of merchandiser is very crucial and demanding in fashion industry. The development of design, production execution and sourcing, selling the merchandise to customer and displaying the merchandise at retail shop, these are the functions of fashion merchandiser at different level of industry. The skills requirement of fashion merchandising tuning with current trends in market, forecasting of upcoming fashion trends, technical parameters like fabric and trim details, garment quality, deciding the sourcing strategy, communication and coordination along with concern people in the industry.Fashionmerchandiser takes design or sketch from designer and develops it in such a way that it will be market feasible, production feasible, and meets customer demands.