Quality Checking


In line with the Policy, winsome knit garments has established Quality Objectives to continually improve the organisation's performance.

  • 1. The Objectives are established considering
  • 2. Current and future needs of the organization.
  • 3. Current Product and Process Performance.
  • 4. Set - assessment results.
  • 5. Opportunities for improvement.
  • 6. Resources needed to meet the objectives.
  • 7. The Objectives are established with the capability of being measured.
  • 8. The Quality Objectives are communicated in such a way that people in the organization can contribute to their achievement.
  • 9. This is facilitated by defining the responsibility for deployment of Quality policy .


Winsome Knit Garments was established in the year of 2002, with the production capacity of 10 lakhs Pieces per month with the 20 years of Experience of G.Arunkumar & C.Sundaramoorthy. The Total unit capacity is around 3 Lakh Sq ft Number of persons 800+ Machines 1000+ machines.

Winsome Knitgarments is a knitting and finishing company situated in the south west of tirupur with a variety of knittinggauges and highly skilled staff. We produce high quality men's and women's knitwear using natural fibres combining traditional methods and modern technology.The majority of our production is made using the highest quality yarns from premium European spinners.


Various parameters are constantly checked, monitored and controlled in the production process. All recommended tests are conducted for ascertaining Quality standards specified by various statutory agencies of the relevant countries, as per buyers' requirements. Critical focus is kept on Cotton, Yarn and Knitted Cloth Quality.


The fabric undergoes quality control test at the Quality Control Laboratory that has all facilities, to ensure that our garments meet the requirements and specifications. Tests are done as per international standards.

The tests include :-